Tasting Australia

Alexia Santamaria knew very little about the Adelaide food scene before being invited to attend Tasting Australia earlier this year. She tells us why she’s glad she took the opportunity to learn. Tasting Australia is an annual event; a celebration of the food and drink of South Australia. The 2019 festival consisted of 100 events, … Continue reading Tasting Australia

What I’m cooking: Asher Regan

What I’m cooking: Asher Regan Wellingtonian Asher Regan has had a keen interest in food from an early age, largely fuelled by his Nana’s bagels, chopped liver and fluffy jelly. As a teenager, Asher began washing dishes after school at a local Taiwanese restaurant then left school at 17 to open the Kia-Ora Coffee Lounge … Continue reading What I’m cooking: Asher Regan

Five questions: Sarah Tuck

Five questions: Sarah Tuck Sarah Tuck is a food writer, photographer and stylist – and the newly appointed editor of Dish magazine. Sarah has been contributing to a variety of publications for the last five years and published her first book, ‘Coming Unstuck’, in 2017. When she isn’t working, Sarah can usually be found hosting drinks and … Continue reading Five questions: Sarah Tuck

Allpress Coffee Event

Allpress Coffee Event Greig Buckley reports on the Food Writers’ event at Allpress Roastery We are a country of coffee lovers, with high expectations…   New Zealand is ranked the 13th highest consumer of coffee in the world. Higher than the USA and Australia. We drink on average 2.5 cups per week and according to a … Continue reading Allpress Coffee Event

Julie Legg: What I’m Cooking

Julie Legg has a huge curiosity for learning and rediscovering lost skills (growing, cooking, preserving, fixing, making, doing) and also enjoys throwing herself into DIY, upcycling and recycling. Having grown up in Auckland she escaped to rural Waikato to pursue a road to self reliance, particularly regarding food production. Check her out on www.rediscover.co.nz I’ve been in … Continue reading Julie Legg: What I’m Cooking

Influence vs Influencers

Niki Bezzant weighs in on the subject of influence I’ve been getting publicly grumpy lately. It’s been building for a while; but it came to a head for me after the awful, despicable events of March 15th in Christchurch. That’s when I observed on social media, alongside the natural expressions of grief and shock, what … Continue reading Influence vs Influencers

Jill Brewis and André Taber went to New Caledonia on separate family holidays last year. They saw each other while out buying (what else?) food. Here, they share their impressions of eating on the island. André: What a pleasant surprise to run into you. We were both making a trip to the bakery l’Atelier Gourmand (141 Route de l’Anse … Continue reading

Olena Williams and ethnic food

Olena Williams, who has Russian and Korean ancestry, lives in Taranaki with her New Zealand family. Olena loves the diversity of ethnic food and the role it plays in the ‘cultural immersion’ experiences on offer in her Lozhka Ethnic Cooking classes.  Where does your interest in food spring from?  Raisa, my Russian grandma from Siberia, … Continue reading Olena Williams and ethnic food