top 10 tips : social media

Did you miss Tash McGill’s social media presentation at our October 2018 conference, or wish you’d taken better notes?

Tash – a writer and transformation strategist who you might also recognise from Instagram as @thewhiskygirlnz – has shared her top 10 tips with us for Digest. 

1. Choose a social media channel that you enjoy, your important customers pay attention to and one you can use consistently. Don’t feel you have to use all channels.

2. Be consistent with posting, at least a few times a week but ideally once a day, unless you’re on Twitter – then you can go nuts!

3. Be picky about what you share – make sure it’s relevant to your audiences, of good quality and from reputable sources.

4. Focus on 3-4 key types of messages – in time with your business goals and your customer’s primary needs.

5. Use social media to engage further with your customers by inviting them to your website and/or email lists.

6. Respond quickly to questions and comments.

7. The more visual, the better! Videos and images make for great content! Experiment to see what your audience enjoy most.

8. Be yourself! Personality really makes a difference for authentic engagement and communication.

9. Social media is just another form of connection with people – so be kind, be authentic and behave with integrity.

10. Make a plan for what you want to say when, so that you can manage your time and content effectively. Make sure you’ve got the basics covered and then have fun with everything else!

To learn more about sorting out your social media strategy, check out Tash’s full digital strategy presentation on the Foodwriters NZ website.

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