Allpress Coffee Event

Allpress Coffee Event

Greig Buckley reports on the Food Writers’ event at Allpress Roastery

We are a country of coffee lovers, with high expectations…
New Zealand is ranked the 13th highest consumer of coffee in the world. Higher than the USA and Australia. We drink on average 2.5 cups per week and according to a Canstar survey, are spending $13.67 a week on coffee from coffee shops.

For 10 Food Writers NZ members, the promise of the world’s best coffees first thing on a March morning was hard to resist. At Allpress Roastery in Victoria Park, central Auckland, we were not disappointed. Their head roaster and green bean buyer shared their knowledge and experience in a very approachable way. We all learned something new about coffee.

Allpress buy from the best growers around the world and pay competitive premiums in each country. The Colombian exporter operates a project for Allpress that assists the growers to produce a well prepared coffee for which  a quality premium is paid.

In the cupping room we tasted and appreciated the different taste profiles of coffee from Brazil and Colombia. There is even a coffee tasting wheel (a la wine) to help explain the tastes.

Everything is roasted using their unique Hot Air Roasting technology that ensures no beans are burned by making contact with a hot drum. That burnt taste can ruin a coffee roast. They even used Kiwi DIY to build their own roasters.

Allpress supply over 1000 independent cafes in NZ and many other countries around the world. We were all impressed with their philosophy and appreciation of the important role of coffee, socialisation and sharing around coffee and food.

We were also impressed that this is a very successful New Zealand food business that is proudly independent, and reflects NZ values of manaakitanga (and a bit of hands-on DIY).

The Foodwriters that attended made donations to the Allpress cause Ngā Rangatahi Toa Creative Arts

PS: Some of us are interested in learning more about making great coffee. Allpress offer the Perfect Cup for Home class which they run second Tuesday from 5:30pm-7:30pm. In this class we get hands-on with the Allpress recipe for consistent coffee preparation, grind adjustment , and the fundamentals to milk steaming and pouring.The cost is $89 per person and we have a maximum of four people per class to ensure maximum participation.

If you are interested please email Rachel on and we will put together some groups.

Another huge thanks to Melissa ( for capturing such beautiful images for us to share.

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