Professional development: Video 101

Are you ready for your close-up? If you’re interested in maintaining a social media presence for your work, video skills are becoming every bit as important as knowing how to boil an egg, craft a sentence about it or explain its nutritional profile. At a recent Food Writers New Zealand workshop in Auckland, Rhiannon Baldock and Ashten Macdonald of content creation business Craving explained why – and how – video is so important. They’ve shared some tips below.

1. Why does video matter so much now?

Video has always captured the attention of viewers and consumers, and the rise of importance for social media in business has created a platform to instantly connect with your target audience. Using video as a marketing tool is something every business should consider; beautiful photography can play a part in your strategy, but it is no way comparable to the story you can tell through video. 

2. Can I shoot it with my phone or do I need lots of fancy kit?
You most definitely can use your phone, but it will limit what you’ll be able to create. Simple DSLR cameras are easily accessible and a great start, before moving to more advanced equipment as you learn. Don’t be scared to hire a camera or unfamiliar equipment to trial and learn from before you commit financially. 

3. What are the main things to keep in mind?
Pick a style that you’ve created to suit your target audience, and establish what the purpose of your video is; what are you trying to convey, where will it be hosted, what am I hoping to achieve with this content?

4. What software do you recommend? Any free ones I can trial?
Most computers will come with a built in, basic editing software such as iMovie. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a subscription based service that provides software for video and photography editing, which gives you a free trial beforehand.
5. What are your favourite sites for inspiration? 
There are a lot of different sites creating beautiful content, from Donna Hay and Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube, to the likes of Tasty and Delish! We look to food trends for inspiration if we’re recipe writing, to see what types of foods or recipes are picking up in popularity.

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