Five questions: Sarah Tuck

Five questions: Sarah Tuck

Sarah Tuck is a food writer, photographer and stylist – and the newly appointed editor of Dish magazine. Sarah has been contributing to a variety of publications for the last five years and published her first book, ‘Coming Unstuck’, in 2017. When she isn’t working, Sarah can usually be found hosting drinks and dinner parties or slogging it out at the gym.

Where does your interest in food spring from? 

For me the essence of food is that it is made for sharing – I have always been passionate about entertaining and bringing friends and family together around the table to share a laugh, debate, (occasionally sing) and ultimately to form bonds that last a lifetime.

How did you turn that interest – and considerable skills – into a career?

About six years ago I was given the opportunity to work for Annabel Langbein, developing recipes and styling them for shoots. With a history in publishing (from my pre-children days) I decided to learn photography so that I could package my skills into a one-stop shop.
What have been the most surprising parts of this journey so far?
The most surprising thing so far has been the incredible support, encouragement and faith I have encountered along the way. The generosity of spirit I have experienced from my peers has been extraordinary. I really haven’t had many bad parts to reflect on – perhaps only my frustration at wanting to hone my skills at a rate that was faster than actually realistic.
What’s your current favourite back-pocket recipe for a instant dinner? 
I’m a sucker for a quick easy pasta dish, with a salty, sweet, earthy, crunchy combo that I just love. Living alone, I often cook up  a big pot of brown rice or quinoa that I package up into small bags in the freezer, then I roast up trays of vege combos like kumara, red onion, broccoli and cauliflower with cumin seeds – throw on some toasted nuts and I’m happy! In summer I swap the roast veg for steamed asparagus, fresh greens, avocado and pesto. Either way I have quick, easy, nutritious meals ready in five minutes.
What’s the best thing about the New Zealand food scene in 2019? 

I love the variety of dining that is available, the different ethnicities, flavours and ‘vibes’ that abound. Something I would like to see change is the idea that vegetarianism and veganism are short-term fringe movements, I believe they are truly here to stay, with younger generations much more educated and passionate about their food choices than perhaps some realise.

Conversely I’m not a massive fan of short-term fads driven by Instagram – rainbow, glitter, unicorn, monster shake anyone? Ultimately I think my opinions on food tend to be pretty open-minded rather than evangelical. I quite often find the simplest things the best, and love having the opportunity to enjoy food created by inspirational chefs and home cooks alike.

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